Our Mission:

“To help employees become healthier and more educated about health decisions they make on a  daily basis.”


Definition of Wellness:

Wellness is “an active process of becoming aware of – and making choices toward – a more successful existence.”

What is a Self Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Program (SIMERP) with a Wellness Emphasis?

A SIMERP is an employer sponsored workplace program that provides employees the opportunity to have a program that emphasizes wellness while reducing both the employer’s and employee’s health care costs and expenditures.

Why Attentive Health & Wellness?

The Attentive Health & Wellness SIMERP plan improves the employer’s benefit package for employees.  The Attentive Health &Wellness Plan enhances the benefit package offered to employees by providing a superior wellness program with incentives for participation, retention and compliance.

Participation in the SIMERP wellness program results in tax savings that fund the employee’s wellness reserve account.  This wellness reserve is available for election of additional ancillary insurance products.

Our SIMERP Wellness Program

Our SIMERP wellness program is a health plan-related participation only wellness plan.  This means all the employee has to do is participate.

They do not have to achieve a particular health or wellness goal.